Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Five:Extreme Random

Hi there~~
Happy Friday to all of you.  Today's Friday Five has no theme, other than randomness.
That's o.k., right?
So, just to get to know each other a little bit (even more) here is the meme:

1.  What is the first thing that comes to your mind (right now) that you want to share about yourself. 

I am randomly conflicted.  I have not yet had coffee.  We have an infestation of cluster flies in our rental house and the exterminator can't get here until tomorrow. I just had to pay my cell bill. This is not going to be an edifying FF.

2.  What is your favorite piece of jewelry or accessory? Why?

I think it is my iphone. 

 I do have a ring that I got for my ordination that I just began to wear again.  It had broken some years ago and I thought I would never be able to fix it.  But the manufacturer has found better ways of fixing broken rings and now I can wear it again.  

But my fav is my ball cap that I bought on BE5.  I don't accessorize well.  It is so great for bad hair days--which are all days.
3.  If you could have a starring role in a T.V. show/movie/series, which one would it be, and what would your character be like? 

I think I already have :  the Vicar of Dibley.  Or was it Fawlty Towers?  Or was it the Ernie Kovac's quartet of  Gorillas  [which only an august and seasoned few of us can remember.]
4.  What is one thing you will eat this weekend? 

A cucumber salad that I made last night with heirloom tomatoes that we didn't eat last night.  Left-overs rule in retirement!

5.  How do you waste time? (If you do, that is...)

Answering freakin' Random questions!  8>P


Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

fun random revelations!
the ah hah of happy remembrance of Fawlty Towers! a definite YES !
enjoy that cucumber salad and tomatoes ;)

Purple said...

Love the Vicar of Dibley.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh hooray for baseball caps!

boo on those flies! augh... i'm having a "war" with june bugs in the evening... and army cut worms (that have invaded the corn) but fly like moths at night... darn motion lights!!

revkjarla said...

I loved your play! Happy thing about your ring, and I hope that you at least got some coffee....-)

Martha Spong said...

Ha! I probably should have answered with my iPhone, too, in its pink case.