Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Five: Pests

Jan has posted one of those FF's that can either be literal or allegorical.  This can be the plagues of Pharaoh or it can be local infestations.  I reserve the right or rite to attend to these questions using Biblical literalism or the typical Muthahish+ snark as I see fit. 

After lots of rain and high temperatures, the flea population has mushroomed in Corpus Christi, TX, more specifically in our home! We have three dogs and one indoor cat, who have had their monthly flea treatments to no avail. Unfortunately, my female body is the one the fleas love to bite. So as you are reading this FF, our pets and ourselves will be gone from the house for 3-4 hours, after a pest company sprays all the floors.

With fleas on my mind and on my body, here is an insect-ious Friday Five:

1.What kinds of pests are in your neighborhood or area?

We have had an infestation of flies this spring.  We had a smaller attack of them last spring when we came to FTW.  But this year the flies in the kitchen were so bad that a whole can of Raid and the bug man didn't help.  When we finally got them dead, there must have been a thousand of them.  

2. Is there a time of year or day that increases their activity? Weather affects their activity or not?

Evidently they come during April-May just at the time that people open their doors and windows to the Spring weather.  I am convinced that they are endemic to this rental house which the landlord will not admit.

3. Is there any pest that was new to you when you moved to a new location? 

Texas is known for its critters.  J. was not acquainted with Chiggers before we moved here.  She no longer sits in the grass for hours.  When I lived here as a child, there were no Fire Ants or Recluse Spiders, both which are nasty beasts. So far I have not seen any scorpions, TBTG.  But I will take all Texas' biting insects over NY Black Flies!  Those are from the Devil I don't believe in.

4. How do you treat insect bites? Are you allergic to any?

Aloe Vera is one of the most all encompassing treatment for me.  Recluse Spiders need a doctor's care.   Some use nail polish on Chiggers, but I just ignore them.  They just go away.  

5. Anything else you want to write about connected with insects/pests.

In the Church we have been plagued with a two-legged mosquito called neo-orthodoxis parasitis.  We have had over a decade of infestation in TEC and while we have tried every form of 'green' remedy, I think it is time for more drastic measures.  Here in Fort Worth we have defrocked the quean of the hive and for the most part the good members of the Church have been able to know what it is like to live in peace and tranquility without the ominousness of the Doxies' infestations, I am concerned about that the plague is spreading to other churches.  If the reports are true, the UMC got a good dose of them this summer and I am sure that they are going to turn up with the Presbyterians and TEC this summer.  

I used to think that just good and holy Christian living would be the antidote for the Doxies infestation but it seems to feed on such loving kindness without learning how to live it.  So far the Doxies are not enough to take over but they can throw a spanner into any gathering of the Church.  I am afraid that isolation is the only manner to be rid of their toxin.


river song said...

what great pictures! too bad about #5... so sad. peace!

Jan said...

I so enjoyed your plagues on the last questions. I certainly agree about UMC and potentialities with the Anglican Church. Blah.

All those flies sound dreadful. I've been warned of chiggers but have never been afflicted. . . .yet.

Jan said...

I'm back to say I found it depressing that the only TX I know of has fire ants and recluse spiders. Is this global warming and its effects?