Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Anglican Covenant Coalition

No Anglican Covenant Coalition

Anglicans for Comprehensive Unity



July 19, 2011



LONDON – Responding to requests for a concise explanation of the Anglican Covenant and the lack of even‐handed discussions of the Covenant from official sources, the No Anglican Covenant Coalition has released of A Short Introduction to the Anglican Covenant. The one‐page primer outlines the history and likely effect of the proposed Anglican Covenant.

“Most of the study material that has been produced to date has been designed for readers already familiar with the background and issues involved,” said the Coalition’s Moderator, the Revd. Dr. Lesley Fellows. “This brief, plain‐language explanation is intended to help ordinary Anglicans worldwide to understand what is being proposed.”

“Many people have complained that the official study material from the Anglican Communion Office has lacked balance and has failed to take seriously the concerns of Covenant critics,” according to the Revd. Canon Hugh Magee, the Coalition’s Scottish Convenor. “Recent study material from Canada has taken a more realistic view. While clearly written in opposition to the Covenant, A Short Introduction seeks to present a fair but critical view of the Covenant.”

A Short Introduction to the Anglican Covenant may be printed and copied by groups or individuals. It is particularly appropriate for people who know little about the Covenant or are overwhelmed by the available material related to the proposed pact. The document is available formatted both for letter‐size stationery used in Canada and the United States (http://noanglicancovenant.org/docs/short‐intro‐letter.pdf) and for A4 stationery used in Britain and elsewhere (http://noanglicancovenant.org/docs/short‐intro‐a4.pdf).



Revd. Dr. Lesley Fellows (England) +44 1844 239268

Dr. Lionel Deimel (USA) +1‐412‐512‐9087

Revd. Malcolm French (Canada) +1‐306‐550‐2277

Revd. Lawrence Kimberley (New Zealand) +64 3 981 7384

Revd. Canon Hugh Magee (Scotland) +44 1334 470446


The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski, M.Div/MSW said...

Good to know there is a simple primer, but good gracious, I just wish the whole thing would go away!

Muthah+ said...

Hey, Terri,

I am Soooo tired of this but I have been working on No Covenant now for about 6 months. It is such a blatant grab for power by the ABC that it is disgusting. But the process working with people from all over the communion has been wonderful. It has made me so much more mindful of what we call "anglican" is unique to us but what we celebrate as "anglican" is soooo different in different places. Very illuminating and remarkably stretching.