Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five: Gratitude

Jan has come up with a great Friday Five on Gratitude

A wise person once told me to make an ABC list of things I am grateful for any time I feel sad or depressed. It is a good practice when one is feeling happier than that, too. So for this Friday Five, I suggest that you use your name or nickname of about five letters and express your gratitude about something that starts with each letter. Some people have longer names, so you decide how you will go about this! (Last names, middle names, and nicknames count!)

  1. Mostly Humorous-  I think I look at life through the lens of humor these days.  On most days it tends toward the ironic she says with one eyebrow lifted.  I am so thankful for being able to laugh; it is the way God has given me to survive this vocation!

2. Utterly solemn about faith.  This does not mean deathly serious.  Quite the opposite, I think.  In fact, if I can't convey the joy I know about God then I feel that I have failed in living a life worthy of my calling.  Solemn in this sense has to do with the dignity and worthiness that Christ has called me by sharing in his Incarnation.
  1. Thougtful-- I am thankful that I have the gift to think--to be able to concentrate on topics in order to work out gifted ways to respond to what happens in my life and give them meaning.
  2. H2O--I had forgotten about drought before this summer.  I am presently watering the lawn because we haven't had a drop of rain this month.  There is something that drought does to creation.  It makes you thankful for little things like drops of cool water.
  3. Actual Cats--not virtual cats.  There is something about a kitty purr that makes everything right in the world.  I am not especially found of Bit attacking my feet in the middle of the night but I love her toothsome playfulness.
Bonus:  Hunger--that gnawing thing that makes me aware that there is more to do, be, experience, embrace, and sometimes eat. 8>D


Wendy said...

I like your definition of solemn. Also, I used Water and Yearning--I like your explanation for Hunger.

Sharon said...

I never thought about hunger as a gratitude, but yes!