Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wall Street Journal is beginning to look like FAUX

I have seldom seen such unfair reporting on the Episcopal Church in a major US newspaper as I did in  this article. (excluding FAUX, of course).  I have seen the neo-conservatives publish this kind of drivil but I have seen few major newspapers report such a load of bunk as this guy.  The ad homonym comments about our Presiding Bishop and the nasty way that this article reeks of those who have left the Communion to participate in the me-me dimension of Christianity top-heavy with bishops that we are exporting to Africa and beyond.  This guy may call himself an Episcopalian but it is clear that he has had little or no experience of the Episcopal Church that I have known  and loved for the past 40 years .  He has not found in his attendance and participation in the sacramental ministry of the the Church a degree of Christian community that would change both his own life to that of caring for others.

I don't know why I really think that the Wall Street Journal should be better than other media venues, but it once had a respected editorial polity.  Evidently it is no longer the case.  I tried to leave a comment on their on-line editorial, but of course it is no longer allowing such thing.  Damn, I am getting tired of this kind of crap!


Fran said...

Did you read the New York Times today, on Sunday? Ross Douthat, a reporter and a co-religionist of mine, who I have zero use for, skewered TEC and pointed at all left-leaning Christians as well.

Muthah+ said...

Fran, These guys are young enough not to remember the 1950's but they want to go back there. They don't remember the segregation, the Commie scare, the Baby Boomers glutting the schools and churches and the subjugation of women that kept the '50's in place. I don't think that they have ever been in an Episcopal Church or been part of the community of faith that is Us. I am glad to find that Douthout is one of yours--he tends to write like he is one of us, but he doesn't know what and who we are. I had a sneakin' suspicion he had not been in one of our churches in a LONG time.