Friday, July 13, 2012

It's the Second Friday of the Month Friday Five...

...and you know what that means--yet another edition of a Random Friday Five!
So, without further ado, let's get our random on!

1.  If a spaceship landed in your back yard, and three very cute little aliens knocked on your door and asked you to show them around Earth,where would you take them?  (Remember, you have superpowers from last month's Second Friday Five, so if you need to use them for transportation, feel free to do so.)

First of all I would take them to Stonehenge.  For me that is one of the primordial places or perhaps to the cave paintings in France.  Then I might take them to NASA--or the Air and Space Museum.  Then I would take them to the Galapagos and then to a Canadian forest.  Then I would take them to a desert--Kalahari and then perhaps Chernobyl.   

2.  What is making you grumpy these days?

Blogger!  It is not adding photos like it should and it isn't posting the graphics or the text size I want.  I apologize but I am going to a computer tutorial this afternoon and perhaps my geek can teach me how to get around these problems.

Sifting through the effects of General Convention.  Conventions always make me grumpy.  We have the possibility of doing so much and we not only waste so much time, effort and money on doing so very little.  I am proud of the same-sex blessings liturgy that we have passed and the inclusion of trans-gender people.  But I am disappointed that so much is wasted in time, cost and effort for such little done.  And that there are still those still who pick up and leave rather than working with the reality of the Church.

4.  I am pitifully, once again, trying to grow a garden.   Last year I only harvested one cucumber.   This year, I have zucchini, cucumbers and tiny tomato plants.   Everything is abloom, but the jury is out whether there will be any yield.   So, do YOU have a garden?  What are you growing?   If you don't, what is your favorite fresh summertime vegetable/fruit/flower?

'MATERS.  I live for July and August to get fresh tomatoes.  Sliced with bacon and lettuce on wheat toast!!!  God is good when tomatoes are luscious and red or yellow or now a purple.  

5.  If the aforementioned aliens suddenly demanded all the contents of your closet, OR ELSE (as in clothing, shoes,  etc.) but kindly said you could keep three items, what would they be? 

At this time of the year it would be a pair of cargo shorts, a sleeveless tee and a pair of Teva sandals--or my Guabya clergy shirt.  But I would also think those aliens quite cheeky!


Purple said...

Must check out that purple tomato!

river song said...

the desert and a BLT, yummmmmm... I gave up on Tevas when my last pair wore out, but I think they're better for the feet than most flip-flops, right? thanks for playing!

Gus said...

The aliens can have anything in my closet they want. Everything I actually wear is either piled up in the laundry baskets or hanging from coat trees.

revkjarla said...

a very fun play, muthah! I love those 'maters too!

I concur with your thoughts about conventions making one feel grumpy. Although in my denomination, they seem to be more joyful than the ones I went to when i was first ordained (in a different denomination). I am very happy for the blessing liturgy, and the statement on inclusion in the Episcopalian church.

What is a Guabya clergy shirt?

Muthah+ said...


It is also called a safari shirt. It is a light weight tail out shirt. Comes in black and white. It also has a tab collar for the summer.