Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Disaster Relief Arlington and Lancaster TX

The Morning After

What does it mean to be saved?
        The storm passed me by.
Yet my neighbor lost everything.

Is salvation the sparing of death?
         The few injuries?
Or is it the love of neighbors
        who come to the aid of others' loss?

God was not in Elijah's whirlwind
          nor in hail or fire or earthquake.
It is in the still quiet voice that moves us to act.

If you are interested in working with crews to help those who were hit by tornadoes yesterday, please leave a comment here or call the diocesan office and leave me your name, phone and address and I will contact you. Or comment on my facebook page.

Lauren Gough+


Terri said...

Muthah+ - although I live in Michigan, if there is something my parish can do, let me know. It would help to have a specific project, if possible, such as a financial fund raiser to repair or replace damage...and a means through which the funds can be funneled to the appropriate place -

Muthah+ said...

Thank you Terri, At the moment we are still trying to get information and a group of workers together. All of our buildings and all of our parishioners are safe. One of the Methodist churches lost its roof. Thanks be to God.

I will get back to you with a plan if we need to.

Muthah+ said...

I didn't mean that TBTG to refer to the Methodist's losing their roof--The brain skipped a synapes