Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Five: Random

Revkjarla has posted a 'random' Friday Five:

I don't know about you, but my life seems to have a lot of random surprises lately. Just little things,

like the doggy in the picture, who was rescued by a Good Samaritan from running into traffic, who then brought him to the police, who brought him to my neighbor's house. I took the doggy, now named Scout, to the vet on Monday, and the woman behind the desk said, "This dog looks so familiar. Were you here last week?" I told her no, that this particular dog is a stray, and she looked at me, and said (use your best Boston accent here), "Oh my GAWD! I rescued that dog on Satuhday! I took him to the police!" and then she proceeded to tell me the story. She was Scout's angel.

Random, right?

So, for our Friday Five, I invite you share five random things about you, or five random thoughts, or five random surprises in your life.

  1. I am not Christmasy.  We seldom decorate and we don't do much shopping.  But I do enjoy driving around at night with Christmas music on the radio looking at the lights.  I usually like doing this alone so that all my childhood aversions to Christmas don't disturb others.  But it often surfaces good Christmas memories that are good to hold on to.
  2. I notice that I have not been blogging.  When last week's Friday Five is my last post it annoys me and I get off my duff and put my thinking cap on.  I may have a more recent blog article by the time you get here.
  3. I am fed up with paper!  I thought computers were supposed to diminish paper--why do I now have more paper every day?  And my printer isn't even working!
  4. Tomorrow is the ordination of a colleague and Revgal Amy.  I pray for her to have as holy an experience of her priesthood as I have been given.
  5. I hate being old and out of the loop.  In my head I am still in my 30's--at least until I try to stand up!


altar ego said...

The dog picture with the paper bag, ha ha! Saw that on google. Glad you have some good Christmas memories. Every year it seems that my memories feed me more richly than the year before, and for that I give thanks. Glad your priesthood has been a holy one. Mine feels shot full of holes, and that has been sad and confusing. Your voice helps me hold on to what has been good about it.

Jan said...

Hope you're feeling better. I totally understand your inside feeling of being 30, but not! Me, too. I remember my mother telling me at the end of her life (Only 72)that she looked in the mirror and was always surprised at how old she looked. I haven't been blogging too much lately either--maybe we'll have to start up again together!

Processing Counselor said...

In my head I am still in my 30's but at my office, well...
Love the doggie incognito.
Have the arthritis in both index fingers. Doesn't that su*k?

Muthah+ said...

Haven't see you lately PC. Glad to know you are still out there!

Purple said...

One of my favorite things to do is drive around and "light look". Just glad someone else takes the time and effort to do all the hanging and running of extension cords.

revkjarla said...

I LOVE your dog picture! Adorable!
Am glad you are celebrating RevAmy's ordination.....
and I firmly believe that we are as young as we feel!