Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Five: Being Intentional

Kathrynzj has come up with today's FF.  She is having a tough time remembering to do things with all the Christmas stuff and new baby.

So for today, if you are still there, the Friday Five is this:

It's a busy season and our minds get caught up in lots of different things (a shiny new baby, in my case). We all know that especially during this time of year we have to be intentional about the things that are important or we can lose them. What are five things you try to be intentional about, whether it be for this season specifically or in general?
  1. Getting up--this is one part of being retired that I sort of like.  I can generally decide when I am going to get up.  There is a temptation to loll around in bed, but that gets really old after a while.  Now, I am demanding of myself that I be up and dressed by 9.  It allows me to watch the late shows on tv at night and listen to NPR if I want and still have a bit of the morning to do what else I have planned.
  2. Meds--If I do not establish a routine I often forget to take my medications which can get me into BIG trouble. 
  3. Staying in contact--There is a temptation to get isolated in retirement.  I try to keep up with my contacts online and stay up with what is happening in the world and the Church.  Wading through all the hulabaloo is a pain in the butt but being totally unaware is worse.
  4. Recycling--I hate it but I need to do it.  Washing out all the plastic and metal things ---grrrr.
  5. Buying healthy and imprint conscious.


Sally said...

great post- and having been off sick for a month I can really relate to the need to get up and buy healthy!

Joolie said...

great list. I think of myself more as an Easter person, but when you throw around words like "incarnation," I'm hooked.