Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Five: For this Friday Five: T'is the Season

I've been a follower of Revgals for some years and have played the Friday Five.  Today's from Katherinzj asks

For this Friday Five please let us know five of the things that mark the season for you

My tradition celebrates Advent and I get a little churlish when I have to do Christmas things too early.  When we lived in NY Black Friday did bring craziness, but here in TX it is over the top. Christmas lights were on when we came home from Thanksgiving Dinner!   Even the classical music station was pumping out the First Noel on Nov. 29th.  Add to this, all our household tradtions are in flux because we have moved.  We haven't the foggiest what we are going to do to decorate, celebrate with family, attend church.  For over the past 30 years Christmas was celebrated in the parish.  Now we haven't got one yet.  All our usual markers are gone and we will have to invent new ones.  So here are somethings we MAY do to begin new traditions.

  1. Sunday a big parish in Dallas is having a tradtional Lessons and Carols with choir and orchestra.  We may take that in.
  2. Look for a wreath for our front door that we can change from purple trimming to red and green the week of Christmas.
  3. We already have our tree--a 2 1/2 rosemary bush that is still on the patio--so far we haven't had a freeze yet.  And we will use its branches to fix our Christmas roast.
  4. I am meeting with a rector on Tues. to see if he can use me for Christmas Eve services.  If not, I will sing in the choir for Christmas.  It has been a long time since I have done that.
  5. And for the first time in many years, I will be able to celebrate Christmas Day afternoon with my family. 


Sally said...

Oh I love that ribbon changing idea, might look into that!Have a great time with your family.

Auntie Knickers said...

Sometimes different is good! Especially if it lets you sing in the choir and spend Christmas with family. Blessings on your new location and hope and prayers for you to find a call soon.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Hmmmm. Reminds me of the "Living Social: Five Things" craze on Facebook a couple of years ago....

1. My big, honkin' 12 inch Advent pillar candles arrive via UPS.

2. Our fancy blue paraments at Trinity-Kirksville.

3. Sometime this month, there's bound to be a snowfall on a pitch dark night and dusts the world of NE Missouri.

4. SIRIUS radio switches "Classical Pops" channel 79 to "Holiday Pops" and the 40's channel 4 to "40's Christmas music."

5. Pap smear business really picks up b/c everyone wants to get it done before the new deductible year. (Ok, so you have to work in a pathology lab to appreciate that one fully.)

Muthah+ said...

Auntie, I am of the group of 'gainfully retired'. ;-D We are even some of those who have moved South to retire--but for me it is a return to roots.