Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And Why Did We March?

This is something I wrote back in August while coming home from the commemorations of  Jon Daniel's life and the events of Selma.  But it was not so much about Jon as it was about what has happened in the past 50 years.

And why did we march?
        Was it just an adolescent lark?
Hope and Youth incarnate in colors
         so foreign --- so alike?
Dreams of a land so lush
         or a rush
To claim the righteousness of lives
         not branded with sourness of age?

Hope is the liquor
          that addicts youth
To visions so attainable  in the fresh-eyed, 
          just beyond reach,
Overwhelming the soul.
          Set on paths to live long.
Battle, like moths to lamps...yet
            strange to elder myopia
Rooted in a future of the Holy
            only to find denial in new generations holding
            such visions uncouth.

And why did we risk?
            For life itself---to make possible
             a generation to dream of a life without us.
Requiacat en Pacem 

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