Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Five: Trash, Treasure or Tea?

 The Friday Five is up again.  This one I couldn't pass by.  It is far to close to home. Muthah+

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20140523-083031-30631015.jpgThis is a corner of my garage:

This weekend, our church is have a “Rummage Sale and Tea” event. The “rummage” part of course is of donated furniture, clothing, books and toys, or as some call it “Trash or Treasure.” (I think some of you call it “a jumble sale.”) The “tea” is an opportunity for those who don’t want (or shouldn’t) buy anything to still drop in and visit. It’s going to be a fun community event.
To get ready for this, I’ve been doing some sorting of things I don’t/won’t/can’t use to pass along to someone else. I also made a batch of Tea Tassies as part of the tea refreshments. All of this preparation birthed this week’s Friday Five!
Pictures are optional but make this more fun. Play along and don’t forget to post your link in the comments so that we can come and visit!
1. TREASURE: What is the best thing you’ve ever found at a rummage sale? Was it a bargain or just something you’ve longed for but couldn’t afford?

When I was just about to start my first parish, my home parish had a rummage sale that really helped.  I had to set up house keeping in a 4 bedroom rectory that was one of the oldest homes in the village.  It had been built in 1864 and I didn't have much to go into it.  I got a couch, a chair and a few other things but the thing I remember most fondly was an upright GE mixer that was older than I was.  It reminded me of the one my mother had.  I kept that thing until it began to smell like it was burning oil 3 years ago when J bought me a Kitchen Maid for Christmas.  I gave it away so I am guessing that it is still being used.

2. TRASH: What is an item you couldn’t WAIT to donate to a sale like this, and then were surprised that someone not only bought it, they were so excited to have?

A bread machine that I had also gotten at a rummage sale.
3. BUDGET: How disciplined are you at these kinds of events? Can you stick to a budget, or do you empty your wallet?

I generally avoid rummage sales because my wallet is too thin and my garage needs a rummage sale.
4. TAKE IT AWAY: What’s something you’d gladly donate right this minute if I would just come pick it up?

About 1/2 my garage.
5. TEA: Do you have a favorite tea? Or a special teapot? Tell us more!

After years of being a coffee maven, I have turned to tea more often.  I live with a Starbucks addict so stops there are common.  But I love a good English Breakfast with milk.  I DO NOT like Earl Grey.  I am sure that there is something seriously wrong with my British roots.  My grandfather was English and loved his tea.  When he and my grandmother were young marrieds, Grandpa would go into the Chinese Tea merchants in Chicago and have a special blend of tea mixed.  It was light in color and a very delicate blend.  My Grandmother was a Scotswoman and one day invited her aunt to  tea.   Now the Scots (at least in my family) are famous for tea that will grow hair on your chest.  When Grandfather served his very finely wrought tea, Great Aunt said: "Hoot, mon!  T'is na tea a'tall!"  And that phrase has been used in our family ever since as a comment on when something is not up to snuff.
BONUS: Share a recipe that you think would be divine for a tea. Or, if you aren’t a baker, tell about something scrumptious that you have had recently in the baked good category. For those of you who are now gluten-free, we want your favorite GF recipe!

I am not a baker.  I keep thinking I am going to try.  I do upon occasion do muffins but that is about it.
But I love a good really  grainy bread toasted with lemon curd and butter.  I don't need much more to make my breakfast complete.

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