Friday, February 14, 2014

What's Love Got to Do With It?: Friday Five--Valentine Edition

RevKarla has come up with a very random Valentine's Day Friday Five:  Whatever we love.

1.  My colleague J. with whom I have lived with for 36 years.  We are not lovers (as most suspect and I wish) but we are now two old ladies who love the Church and each other and try to love others the best we can.

2.  The Church--not only the denomination but the Universal Church.  It is

more of a love/hate relationship at times, but it is a passionate love that we might be what we say that we are and Christ calls us to be.

3.  My beasties:  Bit and Tyke.

4.  I spent much of my youth playing french horn in band and orchestra.  I studied music and even played professionally for some years before Christ got me.  Now I am blessed with being able to listen to band and wind ensemble music on Pandora while working at my computer.  I am also back near my alma mater so now I can attend concerts and remember the joy.  Music still is the place where the Holy touches me most readily. 

5.  Friends and Colleagues who have the courage to kick me in the butt when I have been acting like an ass.  They are the best.

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Diane Roth said...

thanks for your five! I haven't done the Friday 5 in so long! it was good to read yours.