Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five: Technology

Jan has given us a current Friday Five:

Although you won't know this, I am pre-posting this ten days ahead of schedule, because my husband and I are going to be in Washington State during his spring break (from teaching at a local community college). His parents have very recently moved into a senior living facility. We will be staying at their home, which will not have some of the furniture and supplies like we are used to. What I am dreading is no computer, tv or telephone, which also means no wifi connection. This is showing my dependence upon these technologies.

For this Friday Five, let us explore our use of and desire for such items.

1. What types of technologies, like cell phones, computers, tvs, etc., do you routinely use? How frequently?

An old laptop, 1st generation kindle and an Iphone with most of the bells and whistles which I am never quite sure how to work.  We have one tv in the house that stays off most of the time.  The iphone usually doesn't leave my side except when charging.

2. What social media and/or games do you like to play? How often? On which device do you occupy yourself? Which method of social media do you prefer?

I do facebook and email of course.  I play Bedazzle but not on line.  I play various forms of solitaire and mahjong.  I spend too much time playing games when I could be outside and enjoying the sunshine. I seldom play games on my phone because it runs the battery down.

3. Do you separate online activities between home and work? Or is it all the same everywhere?

I'm retired.  It all seems to bleed into one.

4. Do you have a smart (or I-) phone?

Yes.  And on this recent trip, I finally learned how to use the email app!!! (It is hard for me to go to the iphone classes because the young teachers us a language I don't understand.)  

5. What do you wish you had--or do not have--in relation to these devices?

I badly need a new computer but I don't know what to get.  My 'apple' friends want me to go that way rather than learn Windows 8.  Learning curve is about the same, I am told.  I would love to have a notebook or ipad but I need the larger device and can't afford both.  I would like to have a desk top again.  It is more comfortable to work at. Any suggestions?

Bonus: What is the difference between your attitude towards these means of technology and a generation older or younger than you?

I am definitely part of the  long-tooth crowd when it comes to technology.  I remember when my now 80 yr old brother showed me the first computers that played ping-pong back in my early college days.  He was a sales rep for Univac in those days.  At the time I was a music student.  He warned me that by the time I was an adult, the life of a musician would be obsolete.  He was almost right.  What is interesting is that even the role of the preacher/pastor is almost obsolete now.  Hmmm.  I am not sure that it is a better place because of it.  


Jan said...

I have friends who like to play Bedazzled, but I prefer Words with Friends! I envy you your Iphone!

Anonymous said...

The best choice for power computing is a Macbook Pro.

Given the choice between an I-Pad and a MacBook Air, I'd say take the air. You already have a smart phone and the MacBook Air is light weight and pretty powerful and easy for us older types to learn quickly.