Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Five: Resolutions and Absolutions Edition

Lucy, the Margate (NJ) Elephant, Celebrates the New Year

The New Year has dawned! At this point, we are four days in. The photo above shows an icon of my hometown in full on celebration mode. And this is, of course, typically a time when many of us try to turn over a new leaf, start a new habit, or otherwise live into the newness of the year. As for me and my house, there is a concerted effort afoot to keep a record of everything I eat, as well as the seasonal re-commitment to morning prayer. At the same time, I'm trying to cultivate a more self-accepting stance, an attitude of gentleness and forgiveness with myself when I don't keep those promises. Herewith, a Friday Five all about Resolutions and Absolutions.


1. Start by sharing your success stories with us: In the past, what resolution has been your most successful? What change have you made that has been the most beneficial, to your mood, health, finances, or other way of being in the world?

On Jan. 1 1980 after a New Year's eve of bridge and smoking and not much drink, I woke with the worst hangover I have ever had.  It was from the smoke.  I quit that day and have not smoked since.  I have become an anti-smoker, much to my roomie's disgust.  But I can't stand the smell of smoke to this day. 

2. What is one thing you hope to do differently this year with regard to health, either physical or spiritual? If you are satisfied with your current status in both areas, perhaps you would be willing to share something you've already done (or regularly do) to care for yourself.

Since I have been off my feed for almost a month, I have finally given in to have the GI tests I probably need and am seeing a specialist.  When Muthah doesn't eat, she gets very grumpy!

3. What is one thing you hope your family (of origin, of choice, however you define your primary place of mutual emotional sustenance) will do differently this year? A new tradition for birthdays? More vacation time? Game night? Feel free to really dream about ways to deepen your connections with those you love.

This is still in the planning stage so I am not at liberty to post it.
4. What is one thing you hope your community of faith will consider doing differently this year? New music? Different approaches to preaching? Rearranging the furniture? If you are in a position to try to introduce change, share some of your enthusiasm and/ or anxiety with us!

For those of us in the Diocese of Fort Worth, get our property back so that we can go about rebuilding this diocese after the horror of clerical schism.


5. In what area would you most like to learn to be gentle with yourself? For what would you most like to forgive yourself? Share your ideas and strategies for extending yourself the kind of grace we know we are assured of. 

I have not been feeling well for some weeks and I get very grumpy with myself and with others.  Mostly I try to avoid others rather than be grumpy with them which I think just exacerbates the problem.  I can't write coherently or think very clearly.  I need to let myself just be sick--but that is just soooo boring.


Rev. Pat Raube said...

Muthuh, sounds like you are in a really tough time physically-- absolutely will be holding you in prayer. And yes-- I fully endorse your plan to simply let yourself be. Peace, friend.

And thanks for playing, despite how sick you are feeling.

PrJoolie said...

Glad you're making plans to get to the doctor. Take care of yourself, this new year.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get the feed thing solved. Nothing like being hungry and grumpy.

Bravo on the smoking!

Stratoz said...

When I think of the division, it makes The Book of COMMON prayer seem so unloved. Hope to feeling better and less grumpy.

river song said...

congrats on 1/3 century without nicotine! I'll also hold you in prayer regarding food and nutrition. blessed new year, new beginning!