Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Five: Happy Places

RevKarla has posted a happy Friday Five:  

Dearest RevGalBlogGals and Pals....

Yes, it's true, it's already the second Friday in November.   Lot's has happened--horrible storms, the election, plus, whatever is happening in your own lives....

It's time to take a breather, and so, our Friday Five is to find your happy places, so that in spite of snow (here), in spite of it getting dark by 4 pm (here), in spite of (fill in the blank) you (I) remember the joyful sweetness of our lives! 

Give us five "I haz a happy"s...... for your Friday Five.  AND, bonus points for photos!!!!!


1.  I am so happy to be in a diocese and a parish where we really try to work out what it means to be Christian without having to kowtow to some overstuffed egos or fearful men just to do what is good.

2.  I love our new house.  We are still not completely settled.  The garage is still full of boxes, but we are making progress to be be completely in hopefully by Christmas.

3. I have two happy beasts.  Tyke and Bitty are happy with us.  We are happy with them.  They are NOT happy with one another.  We have to moderate schism in our home but it is better than in the Church!

4.  We have a new doctor, an osteopath.  She is in a private practice in a small town outside of the city.  She is a PK and values the simple things.  Her waiting room is not a fancy place with furniture that I could never afford.  And after my first appointment, my back feels better than it has in 5 years!

5.  Retirement.  I am finally beginning to slow down with my life.  I have finally learned to enjoy waking up with only the computer or boxes to demand my time.  Trying to develop friends that are not part of the Church, reconnecting with my family are the order of the day, not sermons, and hospital calls.  I do enough in the parish to keep me happy and active but I am not in charge of anything.  J. is beginning to make friends too.   All are happy things. 


altar ego said...

To which I say, Excellent! Sounds very happy, indeed. Praying for the cats.

revkjarla said...

I very much like that retirement picture! thank you for your Happys!