Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five: Recomendations

Revkjarla has posed an interesting Friday five:

So, it's the time of year I get inundated with requests for recommendations for students that are looking to be camp counselors. So in honor of camp counselors everywhere, today's Friday Five is the Recommendation edition (which has nothing to do with camp or summer or anything--work with me, it's late....)

1. Recommend a favorite worship resource or devotional book.
OK, I'm one of those weird "piskies" who turns to the Book of Common Prayer for everything.  The other things I turn to is THE BIBLE (gasp!), the poetry of English 17th century Divines--Andrews, Taylor, Hebert, Donne and the like.  I am so traditional.

2. Recommend a blog that you like to read that you think others might find enjoyable.

I am a daily reader of Elizabeth Kaeton's, not only because she is my friend, but because she always has something that makes me think.  She is so eclectic.  She is a wonderful lover of Jesus, a tough woman, a partnered lesbian who has fought for the right to raise their children (all 7 of them) a bold priest that never denied who she was through the process and just frickin' smart.   And as she says "hand to Jesus" wonderfully funny. 

3. Recommend a fiction book that you think people might like.
I tend to read series. So I recommend authors:  If you have never picked up a book from Laurie R. King you have missed a fine mystery writer.  Also if you enjoy Episcopal humor or enjoy poking fun at Episcopalians, Mark Schweitzer's Liturgical Mysteries are a hoot.  The latest The Christmas Cantata is just plain dear.

4. Recommend a favorite recipe website. O.k., if you aren't into cooking or food, then just recommend a random website that you find useful, hilarious, mind numbing or thought provoking.

I often find things on  My favorite thing tho is Yorkshire pudding to go with a roast beef.  This will serve 4--in our house, it serves 2. 8>)

3/4 cup of milk
3 eggs
pinch of salt
3/4 cup of flour
Beat eggs and milk together. Add flour and salt and beat until smooth.  Let stand for 30 mins. or so.

When you remove the roast from the pan to rest before carving.  Add pudding mixture to the hot roasting pan and into the pan drippings and return to the oven until risen and brown on top.  Serve with brown gravy and the roast.  Yummmmm.

(If you need to expand this, always keep the flour, eggs and milk equal parts)  This is NOT 'clean eating' I can assure you but it is the way that generations of us British rooted folks survived before potatoes arrived in Europe.

5. And for the last recommendation--it's bloggers' choice! Make a recommendation for anything!

Today I am recommending more pressing sheets time.  I feel immensely hung-over.  Not from anything alcoholic, but from 3D movies.  I got a horrible case of vertigo last night trying to watch TinTin.  It took clonazipam to get me to sleep.  And now I feel fuzzy headed and grumpy.  I wonder if this could be a result of cataract surgery too?  They put in a different kind of lens.  But 3D definetly attacked my eyes.

Enjoy the day.  I am going back to bed.


RevDrKate said...

As I was answering this F5 in my head, my first thought on #1 was the BCP!

Muthah+ said...

Kate, When we say we are People of the Book, we mean something else than most folk. ;>)

Jan said...

Thanks for the recipe and for the reminder of Elizabeth's blog. I haven't been blogging much lately and need to get back to visiting my friends.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

hope you're feeling much better! i find Schweiter's books just a hoot and a half... and yes her blog always has something wise. *sigh*