Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Once more into the fray...

It is snowing yet again. This winter belies global warming. It has been an uncomfortable winter. Usually we have a spate of really cold weather, sometimes getting below zero, but this winter has just had a long period of just nasty mid-twenties.

The snow has not been especially problematic—no snow days, no impossible roads. It has just been aggravating. It has just been slow driving and awful sidewalks.

It has been cloudy since October and a low level SAD affects a large portion of the population. You find it in people in stores, the church and most people on the street. It just makes life grumpy.

I’d like to move that the whole world needs to have a July to July fiscal year. Annual Meetings should not be held in January!

These pictures of snow leopards have caught my fancy. They seem to comment the most closely my approach to the day!

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