Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Beginning of Healing?

While reading Susan Russell’s blog I came across a letter from her bishop, +Jon Bruno. Following on a report on the applicants for Suffragan Bishop which includes gay folks, he goes on to say:

“We have a plan for the future, and it includes working toward re-incorporating into our Diocese the four congregations whose members voted five years ago to break away from our Church. When the new bishops suffragan are on board, we will invite them into the leadership of deciding where we go in the future in this process.

No matter what, we are always open to reconciliation. I've been contacted by several of the clergy who left the Diocese who've asked to be reinstated. I am evaluating with my fellow bishops and leadership of this Diocese how we can be of service in providing reconciliation.”

Comment: What a marvelous statement! In the midst of all the pain and agony of the past six years there has been some way that those congregations have found a way to again be a part of the greater church.

I have no idea what kinds of conversations that have gone on in those congregations or what has gone on in the diocesan offices, but something has brought the possibility for healing to the fore. I, for one, will be praying for a way to be found for those parishes to return to the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Now the real hope for healing is for the Archbishop of Canterbury to understand the real meaning of Anglican via media. His two tier concept of Anglican Communion is absurd at best. It takes a willingness to hold both sides in tension and with respect. It is clear that the ABC has reverted to the “cootie” test for lgbt clergy and bishops. Good Lord deliver us…

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